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Three-Month-Old Baby Blinded By Flash Photography

A three-month-old baby in China has been left with permanent eye damage after a relative took a close-up photo but forgot to turn off the camera’s flash.

The baby was not named.

Doctors said that the flash had caused irreparable damage to the child’s eyes. Daily Mail reported that the flash had been held just 10 inches from the baby’s face.

The baby’s eye was damaged on the macula, the part of the eye responsible for central vision. Doctors said that the child now had reduced vision in the left eye, but had lost all vision in its right eye.

The macula is not properly formed in children until around aged four, making babies more vulnerable to bright flashes.

No announcement has been made on whether the relative who took the photo will face legal action for the harm caused.

According to unnamed experts cited by the Daily Mail article, bright lights can be damaging to young babies’ eyes. Parents should therefore be careful when infants are around bright lights, such as when taking a bath.

Source: Daily Mail


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