Thousands Of Men To Be Sterilized In Global 'Vasectomy-Athon' (Video)

More than 3,000 men were due to be sterilized in 750 doctors in 25 countries on Nov. 13 in a "vasectomy-athon." Many of the procedures are being done for free and discounted prices on World Vasectomy Day (video below).

"In helping to shoulder responsibility for family planning, men become heroes to their partners, to their families and to our future," Jonathan Stack, who co-founded the surgical extravaganza, told the AFP.

The headquarters for this third year of World Vasectomy Day is on the island of Bali in Indonesia, which is also hosting the International Conference on Family Planning, reports Newsweek.

Six men were introduced to an audience in a temple before being walked outside to mobile clinics. Once inside the clinics, they had the tubes inside their testicles clipped by doctors.

The organizers of the mass vasectomies claimed that women are too often held responsible for birth control, but are the ones who have to deal with accidental pregnancies. Of course, the men who were sterilized will not be able to have children or more kids for the rest of their lives, unless they undergo a successful reverse vasectomy.

The organizers also claim that less than one percent of men normally undergo the sterilization procedure.

Sources: AFP via Yahoo! News, Newsweek / Photo Credit: World Vasectomy Day Logo/Screenshot

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