This Must Stop -- Research Shows 90% of Autistic Kids Bullied


A story just out from the Boston Herald state: Survey finds 90% of autistic kids bullied. The story starts out with:

shocking new online survey has found that nearly 90 percent of autistic
children in the Bay State have been targeted by bullying so violent and
ruthless that a state lawmaker says teachers and school systems must be
held accountable.

All kids are bullied to some extent, but I have no doubt that autistic kids get much more than their share of bullying.

I have to admit that the survey did not use the most rigorous methods as it was taken to convince legislators:

400 Massachusetts parents responded to the online survey between Sept.
23 and Oct. 12. The survey was prepared as part of an effort to pass
legislation requiring that autistic children be taught bullying coping
tactics as part of their individual educational plans.

that acknowledgment, I’ll say it again, autistic kids get bullied more
than typical kids. In some cases a lot more. A lot of us feel like our
kids have great big bulls-eyes painted on them. Our kids have a hard
enough time coping in schools.

I hope the Massachusetts legislature takes notice. I don’t know if including “bullying coping tactics” into IEP’s is the best response, but I know that doing nothing is the wrong response.

Edit to add: a second story from the Herald: Parents say schools look the other way


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