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Stay Fit and Hydrated with Nutrient-Packed Drinks and Glacial Water

On the road to fitness and health bliss, we all need to stay hydrated. Jenn and I love to get our drink on (that sounds wrong, especially now) and report back to you guys on what’s worth a sip. Read on for the latest reviews!

Extreme Berries To Go!

Jenn was less than thrilled with her taste test of the new Extreme Berries from Healthy To Go. So when my husband grimaced after his first sip, I wasn’t exactly raring to try it. Turns out he just hadn’t mixed it well and got a big mouthful of powder. Once mixed properly, it had a much better, fruity taste. Imagine that!

I love how each packet has four servings of fruits and vegetables. In addition to the obvious berries, Extreme Berries sneaks in carrot, pumpkin, kale, spinach, tomato and broccoli. On top of struggling to mix drinks, my hubby also finds it challenging to get all of his fruits and veggies, so I take help anywhere I can get it.  I did find it a little annoying that one packet contains two servings (for a total of 24 cals), when the box tells you to use the whole packet anyway. Unlike Jenn, I didn’t find the taste at all offensive (she thought it tasted like fake, overly sweet sugar), but you can definitely play with the water-to-Extreme Berries ratio if you want. I never would have guessed there were veggies in it, and I thought it was berry-licious.

Biggest Loser Protein 2Go

After I fell in love with the other Designer Whey Protein Water, I thought we should give The Biggest Loser Protein 2Go packets a try. After all, with 40 calories, 6 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber, and the convenience of a packet, it seemed like the perfect thing to throw in your bag post-workout.

I tried a Red Raspberry packet one night after a workout. I mixed a whole packet into 12 ounces of water—the recommended amount for a “mild” taste. But, I didn’t find the taste to be very mild. It was pretty strong. And, oddly enough, while the taste wasn’t too bad (although not very natural tasting), the smell of the stuff was pretty off-putting. Reminded me of cherry-flavored Pepto- Bismol. And that’s not a compliment. If you can get over the smell, I would recommend at least 12 ounces, maybe more, to mix it in. But, in a pinch, a convenient source of protein and fiber. The ish keeps you full, too!

Icelandic Glacial

If you want your water to transport you to faraway places, Icelandic Glacial is for you. Just kidding…it won’t really take you anywhere, but the water comes from a spring in Iceland, which is close enough.

Jenn and I recently had a conversation about water, wherein we discussed the “shape” of some bottled waters. Some taste round in your mouth, soft and a little too heavy,and leave a bit of an aftertaste. Some are square: crisp and light with nothing leftover after you swallow. Now, Jenn and I might be the only crazies in the universe who give our water mouth-shapes, but we know what we like in water.The Icelandic Glacial water is crisp and refreshing, and is hip to be square, with no weird texture or aftertaste. It also has a higher pH level than most bottled waters, so the company says it gives tired bodies a little something extra. Plus the packaging is way cool and the environmentally conscious company has worked to give it a net zerocarbon footprint.

Have  you come across any new drinkable goodies lately? And do you get what we’re saying about the shape of the taste of water?


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