Think These 5 Foods Are Healthy? Not Quite So Fast…

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Don’t you hate it when a meal you think is healthy turns out to be a total ripoff in the nutritional department? Like when a silly taco salad has two sprigs of lettuce in it and an entire day’s worth of calories? Or when what you think is a modest dessert turns out to have as many grams of unhealthy fat as a Whopper? There’s no doubt that tricky foods are out there, but today’s post from Fit Bottomed Mamas shares a few imposters to skip—courtesy of the authors of The Healthy Home!

5 “Healthy” Foods That Sometimes Aren’t

1. Breakfast cereal. It’s a given that cocoa crisps and fruity-O’s aren’t healthy. But what about that “healthy” cereal you buy every week? You know, the one your kids won’t touch? It may not be as healthy as you think. Sure, it contains some fiber, which is good for your heart and your cholesterol. However, the processing required to make that cereal can often strip it of valuable nutrients and decrease the time it takes to break down in your body. The result: A spike in your blood sugar levels followed by a crash a few hours later. These dramatic surges and drops in your blood sugar leave you feeling hungry sooner—which can lead to unhealthy mid-morning snacking—and can also increase your risk of insulin insensitivity, obesity and eventually adult-onset diabetes. Not fun.

While cereal may be quick and convenient in the mornings, it’s not your only option. Try eating fresh fruit, scrambled egg whites or grains in a non-flour form like steel-cut oatmeal. These options are healthier, just as quick and will leave you feeling full for a longer period of time.

Continue reading for the four other tricky foods that aren’t as healthy as you think! —Erin


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