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Think Four Loko was Bad? How About Canned Whiskey?

It's as American as apple pie -- kicking back on a hot summer day, cracking open a nice cool can of... whisky? Yes, whiskey in a can is here. And you thought Four Loko was too potent.

A Panamanian company, called Scottish Spirits naturally, has come up with the bright idea of putting eight shots of whisky in a can, hoping it will tap into the outdoor beverage market.

“It's lightweight and portable and entirely recyclable, which is good news. It will be one of the hot picks for any outdoor activities,” said Scottish Spirits CEO Manish Panshal.

But unlike, say, a can of soda or beer -- or the now-banned Four Loko of 2010 -- canned whiskey is not supposed to be an individual drink. Scottish Spirits says the drink “is the perfect size to be shared between three people who can mix it with other things like cola.”

We'll see about that, as TIME magazine's online "Newsfeed" points out:

But whether you mix it or shoot it straight from the silver can, the math is indisputable. You'll be downing eight shots of whisky from a container that you can't close back up. Not to mention it's alcoholic blasphemy for whisky lovers who prefer to sip their Scotch with an air of purity and tradition to even think of touching an aluminum variation.

So far, whisky-in-a-can is not available in the United States. It is being test-marketed in the Caribbean and South America.


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