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Think of the Children! Brooklyn Store Owner Michael Pintchik Tells Hooters "No"

One New York City property owner is taking a principled stand against a restaurant known for voluptuous, scantily clad waitresses, and he says he’s doing it for his daughter.

Michael Pintchik of Brooklyn, New York, told the bar and restaurant chain Hooters that they were not welcome in a development he owns on Flatbush Avenue. Pintchik's site is especially desirable because it is adjacent to the new Nets basketball arena.

“My biggest objection is their operation objectifies women,” said Pintchik, the third-generation owner of a 100-year-old paint store in the outer borough, according to the Daily News. “As the proud parent of a 20-year-old daughter, I didn’t want to participate in encouraging that kind of business.”

Even though Pintchik stood up for the dignity of women, he doesn’t hold onto any illusions about Hooter’s ability to set up shop in his neighborhood. He said that he expects they’ll find another place to open in the vicinity of the new stadium – there’s really no stopping them.

What do you think? Is Pintchik right to stand up to Hooters on behalf of his daughter? Or does the bar and restaurant chain have as much of a right to operate a any other legal business?

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