Diet Advice: Think About What Food Does, Not Just How it Tastes


Sounds weird, right? To clarify - in order to become your best and fittest self you have to change the way you view your food and its role in your life. Sounds odd again, I know, since food is what keeps us going and living. But HOW you view food has enormous impact on your fitness and your overa...ll health.

           • Do you see food as simply pleasure or fun?

          • Do you only think about how it tastes?

When it comes to unhealthy eating, becoming so focused on the actual food can exacerbate your craving for it. You think about it, plan for it, then over-eat it, adding to your stress and holding you back from the fitness and body you want.

Before you eat, access what you're putting in your body. Ask yourself how you're going to feel *after* you eat it. Too much sugar and fat can cause you to hit your energy-floor, not to mention cloud your thinking, and alter your mood and motivation.

Think about your food as your *tool* to get you what you want. Think about what you're going to put in your body. Think about what it DOES, not just about what it is. Think about where that meal will take you, not just how it's going to taste.


by Heather Frey,
Founder and President of, Fitness Experts on the show Miami Moms, Motivationalist, CPT, Writer, Artist, Spokesperson, National Figure Competitor

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