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The disappearance of Dr No and his impact upon the autism/vaccines row

The saga will continue all the time the industry rejects the views of thousands of parents who were present at the time of their child's descent into autism following a vaccination, in favour of the wisdom of Dr. No from the land of Hans Christian Anderson.  That is Dr Poul Thorsen chief defender of the No-Link school of thought from Aarhus University  (late from Aarhus since he has disappeared with $2 millions of CDC money).  Ponder on the fact that Dr No's disappearance has not been commented upon by any mainstream media despite the colourful characters involved in this story.

As to autism itself celebrated researchers have pointed out that autism is a deficit of autonomic response management from the cerebellum area of the brain involving mirror neurons.  Those are the same neurons that Boyd Haley showed to be at serious risk from mercury and testosterone in combination.  Now tell me you believe Dr No!

Tony Bateson

Oxford, UK  


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