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'They Didn't Try And Revive Me': Man Who Was Mistakenly Pronounced Dead Speaks Out (Video)

A Milwaukee man is calling for a change in procedures after the Milwaukee Fire Department mistakenly pronounced him dead in May, and did not attempt to resuscitate him (video below).

Thomas Sancomb, 46, was found collapsed and unresponsive at the foot of his bed in May, WISN 12 reported. His girlfriend had called police asking if they could check up on him after she was unable to contact him for two days.

When police arrived at Sancomb’s high-rise apartment, they found him unconscious. They called for paramedics, and a fire crew arrived at the scene just after noon, according to the medical examiner’s investigation report.

“They found him cold to the touch and in rigor,” the report stated. “They did not attempt to resuscitate him.”

Sancomb was pronounced dead, and the medical examiner’s office called for a transport. They arrived an hour later and started taken Sancomb away when suddenly, he began to breathe and move his right arm and leg.

Sancomb, who suddenly had a heart rate, was rushed to a nearby hospital. He stayed in the Columbia-St. Mary’s Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

The report stated there were no signs of street drug or alcohol abuse. Sancomb’s brother told WISN 12 News that he suffered from a thyroid problem, which put him in a rare coma and dropped his body temperature to 84 degrees.

“I think of how close I came to being on a drawer somewhere in the morgue,” Sancomb told WISN 12 in an interview published on Dec. 2. “They didn’t try and revive me they just — it was, he’s dead call the morgue, and back him up, and take him out.”

Sancomb said he now has nerve and balance issues, but is happy to be alive.

“I really hope that this a wake up call to the Milwaukee Fire Department to look at their procedures again,” Sancomb added.

Sources: Daily MailWISN 12 News (2) / Photo credit: Screenshot from YouTube

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