Girl Scout Made Baskets For New Parents At The Hospital

A Girl Scout made special presents for parents who needed to spend Easter at the hospital.

At St. Elisabeth Hospital in Belleville, Illinois, 11-year-old Madi Hopkins from Girl Scout Troop 116 prepared baskets for parents who needed to spend the holiday weekend away from their loved ones. Madi created the packages because her parents went through a similar experience, as she was born in December.

One of the baskets was given to the Eggemeyer family. Dakota Eggemeyer gave birth on March 25, which fell on Good Friday this year. Due to complications with the birth of their daughter, Kinsley Ray, Dakota and her husband, Zachary, needed to stay in the hospital through the holiday weekend.

Zachary told KTVI about the thoughtful surprise that came from a caring 11-year-old Girl Scout.

"We aren't able to go home for Easter due to her C-section," Zachary recalled in a message. "So here we sit in our room and in walks the nurse with a big basket of clothes, hats and lots of other goodies for our baby. Attached to it was a beautiful note saying how her mom went through the same thing. She was not able to go home for the holidays due to complications."

In the note, Madi explained that she was participating in a "Girl Scout journey." Since she was born around Christmas, she wanted to "return the favor" to other parents who had a child born around a major holiday.

"The reason I picked this project for my Girl Scout journey was because when I was born, my mom had to stay in the hospital for both Christmas and New Years because of technical difficulties associated with the birth," Madi wrote. "Someone had brought my parents a basket of goodies and handmade elf hats, so I decided to return the favor!  Happy Easter!"

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The Eggemeyer family wanted to thank Madi for thinking of them, even though they "don’t even know this 11 year old girl." They said that other parents were probably given baskets as well, so this young girl most likely impacted several new parents in a selfless way.

"What a sweet girl!" wrote Taylor Calvert on the WTVI Facebook page. "I would be such a proud parent to have such a caring and loving child! you go girlscout!"

"Parenting done right," concurred Sherry N Vito.

Sources: WTVI News, Fox2Now/Facebook / Photo credit: Womanista

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