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Home Remedy For Head Lice Reportedly Leads To Massachusetts Toddler's Death

An 18-month-old child’s case of head lice resulted in her death after her parents reportedly tried using a popular home remedy involving mayonnaise and a plastic bag.

Massachusetts police received a phone call on Jan. 16 about a child not breathing, CBS News reported. When they arrived at the Springfield residence, they found the child unresponsive with her scalp covered in mayonnaise and a plastic bag placed over her head.

The little girl was reportedly left unattended and fell asleep. The plastic bag then slid down her face, causing her to suffocate, according to Sgt. John Delaney.

The parents said they were using the popular home remedy to help get rid of their daughter’s head lice. The Springfield Police Department is currently investigating the incident.

The mayonnaise treatment is a commonly used method and has gained popularity over the years because of mayonnaise's ability to suffocate head lice and nymphs. However, most websites recommend using a shower cap instead of a plastic bag.

Despite its popularity, the Mayo Clinic warns that the effectiveness of the home remedy is unknown.

No charges have been filed against the parents at this time and the state Department of Children and Families is also investigating, CBS News noted.

Sources: CBS News, Mayo Clinic / Photo Credit: Gilles San Martin via WikipediaFlickr

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