These Bright Sneakers Feel…Different

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I like bright sneakers. I feel like they make me faster, somehow, even if it’s just because I know that, if I’m wearing loud shoes, people are more likely to look my way, and if people are more likely to look my way, I’m probably going to push myself a little harder.

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The Karhu Strong 2 fulcrum_ride, $139.99, is definitely a loud shoe, with the women’s version in a vibrant orange. It’s a lightweight shoe (9.6 ounces), but feels like a lot more shoe because of the thick sole, especially around the heel. And it feels unlike any other shoe in my closet—it feels…puffier around my foot, almost like it’s molding itself to my shape. The idea of the fulcrum is that it provides greater forward propulsion, making this a great choice for performance runners.

Are these shoes a great choice for me? Well, they’re really comfortable, but I can’t say that I felt a distinct improvement in my running while wearing them. I’ve taken several runs in them and am still a little bit on the fence—there’s no blistering or sliding, which is awesome for a brand-new shoe, and they certainly feel different, but I’m not entirely sure it’s the right different for me. However, for that very reason, I would definitely encourage you to check out a pair during your next running shoe shopping trip—if you’ve had a hard time finding just the right fit, I can see where these shoes might be just what you’re seeking! —Kristen


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