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These Anonya Workout Pants Rock (Want a Pair?)

I’ve coined a new phrase around here. Ready? Here goes: There’s nothing quite like new workout clothing to get thee motivated.

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Okay, maybe it won’t catch on like wildfire, but it’s true. When Anonya sent me its Girl About Town Tech Pants to try, I was pumped. A couple of my yoga-pant staples had become a little loose lately, but I hadn’t opened my pocketbook to purchase any new ones. And I really needed a push in the right direction to get fit again. These suckers gave me that push.

We try a lot of workout clothing around these FBG parts, but I must say, these yoga pants are really, really awesome. I might even go so far as to call them my favorite workout pants. Yep. I said it.

What’s so special? Firstly, it’s cool that they’re made in San Francisco. I’m partial to the Bay Area, but anything made in the good old US of Agets a gold star. But most importantly, the pants are just quality. The 90-percent nylon, 10-percent Spandex split means they are sleek and smooth feeling, and bend to your every move. The fit on me is amazing. The flared leg is perfect to fit over sneaks but isn’t too much when you’re barefoot. And I love the stitching detail, from an angled seam that mimics a mini pocket in the front to a super-flattering seam across the upper butt. (My hubby even commented, and he’s seen me in too many pairs of black pants to count on two hands.) A tiny interior pocket on the right hip is perfect for an ID or a key, and I even love the little Anonya tag at the bottom of the left pant leg. I’m a sucker for the small details!

Don’t comment here if you want to win a pair of your own! Head on over to Fit Bottomed Mamas and tell us why you want a pair of these britches!Erin


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