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Lower Costs and Flexible Scheduling: Launches New Online Therapy Platform

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Traditional therapy takes place in a doctor’s office where individuals adhere to strict schedules. Appointments run in tight 50-minute increments and showing up without advance notice is forbidden. To make matters more difficult, therapy sessions often cost more than many people can afford. 

But now there is a new website where people can talk one-on-one with therapists from the privacy of their own homes – without the rigid format or exorbitant prices.

Called, the online platform is a place where people can benefit from instant, affordable and confidential sessions with professionals at any time of the day. Visitors can pick from a professional therapy directory that details each therapist's background, area of expertise and treatment philosophy.

“We're presenting a platform that will enable people to get the help they need in a quick, efficient and private manner,” said CEO Vic Belonogoff. “This is a fresh new alternative to the dated 50-minute session where doctors literally cut you off in mid-sentence because ‘your time is up.’ At people can jump on for 26 minutes or 17 minutes, as often as they'd like -- whenever they feel the need to speak to a counselor.”

Instead of waiting days for their designated day and time to arrive, users can get immediate help for a wide range of problems, from depression to eating disorders to sexual addiction. Prices start as low as $1 dollar per minute and there isn’t a time or cost minimum.

In addition, if individuals have simple questions they would like answered, queries can be submitted free of charge to the “Ask a Therapist” section.

It’s all part of’s belief that people shouldn’t be rushed into payment. Rather, Belonogoff says, "users should be free to find a good fit for them personally so they feel good about coming back."

Before someone picks a therapist, individuals can read reviews left by other users to make sure that particular professional will suit their needs – and they can engage in an initial text chat before any charges begin.

A natural question to ask is whether online therapy can be effective. The site writes: Over fifteen years of research confirm that Online Therapy may be just as effective as in–person treatment. This is especially true where much of the treatment involves communication between a Therapist and a client.

“Our users love the service and our growing roster of counselors proves this online tool helps them help a great deal of people,” said Belonogoff.

The Internet seems to be taking over most aspects of our lives, and now quality therapy is the latest service that is going online. As video technology improves, is making “face-to-face” therapy a reality for people who need help quickly and effectively. 


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