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Service Dogs Now Available for People with Mental Health Issues

Psychiatric Service Dogs are amazing helpers and companions for children and adults with mental health issues. I love seeing service dogs when I'm out and about in the world. What kinds of tasks can Psychiatric Service Dogs be trained to do? Take a look:

♦ Remind handler to take medication on time

♦ Warm handler’s body during a panic attack

♦ Interrupt repetitive OCD behaviors

♦ Comfort handler during emotional distress

♦ Accompany handler outside of the home

♦ Interrupt dissociative episodes or flashbacks

♦ Protect and safeguard handler during seizure

♦ Provide a safe grounding presence

♦ Interrupt self-harming

Just remember, if you see a Psychiatric Service Dog, ask their handler if the dog is "working". Dogs can be petted and played with only when they're on a break!

For more on Psychiatric Service Dogs go here


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