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The Weisure Way of Life

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Seems that the line dividing work and leisure is thinning. More people are finding themselves dealing with work issues beyond the so-called the 7 day a week boundary.

This trend is being called Weisure Time - a phrase that blends the words leisure and work literally as well as figuratively.

Some who live the weisure life don't mind the blurring of roles while others struggle with it. Sociologist, Dalton Conley, who coined the phrase Weisure Time, thinks that the trend is a negative one. "We lose our so-called private sphere. There's less relaxing time to be our so-called backstage selves when we're always mingling work and leisure."

Conley believes that economic anxiety is at the root of the weisure lifestyle. Financial concerns appear to be driving many of us to bend and blend work and home life - and even vacation time.

I find myself doing a lot more work when I'm home than ever before.

What about you?


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