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Do You Overestimate Food Portion Sizes? More Than 50% of People Do

When it comes to servings and portion sizes, I pride myself at having an eagle eye and an encyclopedic knowledge of the calorie count of darn near every food on the planet. Well, that was until a recent snafu when I missed on a package of these snacks that there were not one but TWO SERVINGS in the bag, resulting in a total of 300 cals per package, not 150. (Sneaky nutritionals be damned!)

And then I ran across a survey by Hungry Girl, and I really started doubting my powers. More than half of participants studied overestimated a single serving of cereal by at least 25 percent and the average estimation of a serving of ice cream among all participants was 20 percent more than more than a half cup (what the nutritional label says a serving is)! I know one thing is for sure, I’ll be reading those nutritionals extra closely and measuring out that ice cream and cereal from here on out!

Do you measure up?

Photo by ILoveButter via Flickr


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