The Truth About Cellulite: What Really Works and What the Heck Causes It

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Credit: diongillard

Cellulite…we all have it. (Or at least 80 percent of us do, according to recent statistics.) While we on FBG are all about loving our bodies no matter what our mothers have passed down to us, there’s no doubt that with shorts and swimsuit season in full swing, ya’ll might be a little more aware of the “texture” of your legs now than you are in the winter months.

So with that in mind—and because there are so many freaking cellulite creams and products on the market that claim to pretty much solve the problems of the world—we wanted to share a recent article that gives the honest truth about cellulite. From understanding what cellulite is to looking at possible ways to rid yourself of its bumpy appearance, it’s a no-nonsense guide to all things not perfectly smooth.

Read on for the real deal on cellulite.



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