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The Side Effects of Crash Dieting

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Obviously, there is an effective remedy for all of the side effects of crash diets—and that is to incorporate some toning exercises and healthy eating into your weekly routine! In terms of avoiding these problems, “prevention is better than cure,” but it is unrealistic to think that fad diets will be avoided by everyone; the clever marketing messages are too great a draw.

However, whenever you hear of some new weight-loss formula or program that claims you can drop your unwanted body fat in a matter of days, such claims should undergo some thorough deliberation to make sure that they stand to reason using simple common sense! (I welcome the same treatment for everything I advocate, too!) Dramatic weight-loss claims may well be right in their prediction, but I, too, have a very accurate but bleak prediction if you follow their advice: Sadly you will put all the weight back on.

The reason why is simple. So simple in fact, that we can disregard anything too scientific for now. Instead let’s use the simplest gauge of reason: common sense. You will have to eat and drink for the rest of your life or you’ll die! So if you can’t follow any particular diet for the rest of your life, then how is it supposed to keep any weight off long term? It can’t and won’t! Now please don’t try to follow an extreme diet for the rest of your life; it would make for a very unhappy and unhealthy one. After all, these diets are not designed to be a long-term program—they’re aimed at getting money from you and making you focus on the next ‘x’ amount of weeks, by which time your body will be forced into some temporary weight-loss.

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Fad diets are tantamount to bodily abuse! Your body will cope and allow weight to be forfeited, but only at a costly trade. When you see or hear these incredible weight-loss claims, please remember the old saying: “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!”

Losing loads of weight super fast sounds good, eh? Unfortunately, the reality is far less attractive, especially in the cosmetic sense of the word. Unfortunately, as you found out, the weight was not just excess pounds of body fat, it was also the very thing that gives you a good body and speeds up your metabolism: muscle!

The reason muscle tone is our fat-burning friend is because it burns calories for us, hence why it will be forced to cannibalize itself if you starve it! As you have discovered, nobody considers their tone until they look in the mirror. Muscle tone is what stops your skin from sagging. It gives you shape. It makes your metabolism keep burning fat. Wave goodbye to that fat-burning friend, and you will feel your underarm keep wobbling as you do…that was where your triceps muscle should be!

Muscle tone is a true friend to our body. Regardless of how much you neglected them, muscles can be very forgiving and will return with the right encouragement. That encouragement comes in the form of resistance exercises and a healthy, balanced diet containing protein!

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Muscle may weigh more than fat, but if you continually gauge your success by the scales, you may not realize what you are creating. Countless people have been pleased with the numbers on their bathroom scales only to be horrified by the reflection in their bathroom mirror! Think about this, would you really care how much you weighed if you had the body of your dreams? Of course not! On reflection, most people actually don’t care what they weigh; They worry about what they look like! Nobody wants to go through the deprivation of a strict diet only to end up with the body of a melted candle! This brings us to the vital ingredient missing from so many so-called weight-loss formulas: exercise!

To prevent the common problem now called “skinny fat,” it’s essential that you do some quick, basic toning exercises. Not only is that the only way to reshape your body, but also muscle tone burns calories just in order to exist! That means it will give you the same speedy metabolism as a slim, toned person…and that’s exactly what you will become!

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