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New Moms: Heal Faster With This Home Remedy

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Lara Shriftman: Birth can leave you feeling a little sore. But this home remedy from California doula Lori Bregman can ease your pain.

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All of my friends who have had a vaginal birth swear by this "well-kept healing secret" for right after giving birth, from healer and doulaLori Bregman. (If you would prefer not to make the pads yourself, Lori also makes them and can send them to you.)


  • Comfrey root leaves (You can buy them in bulk from a health-food store or herb place.)
  • Vitamin E oil 
  • Witch hazel 
  • Organic mini pads/heavy panty liners (Note: You don't want the pads too thick, or it gets messy.)


1) Boil comfrey root leaves in water and steep for a few hours.
2) Add a little witch hazel to that water.
3) Add a few drops of vitamin E oil to mixture.
4) Dip a panty liner in the mixture to saturate, then wring out some.
5) Wrap liners individually in Saran wrap and place in freezer, laying them flat.
6) Continue making until mixture is gone.

Do you have any secret home remedies that helped you during pregnancy or after giving birth?


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