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The Race is On for Readers

For non-Bostonians, non-marathoners, and people who are generally too sensible to subject themselves to the pain and suffering of 26.2 miles, let me explain the lure (and lore) of the Boston Marathon . . .

Nevermind.  I can’t explain it.  All I can say is that a marathon tests limits, tests resolve, tests heart.  Plenty of other athletic and life events do this, but for some people, a marathon is a definitive answer to a giant, soul-searching, endorphin-pumping, fear-conquering question: Can I do it?

I did it.  It wasn’t pretty.  (No, really, take a look . . . Here I am facing off against the infamous Heartbreak Hill).

But, it taught me a lot about myself, and, for this, I am eternally grateful.  I am also grateful to the running community at large.  Growing up in Falmouth, MA, home of the Falmouth Road Race (one of the country’s most beloved road races), and being a high school track athlete, I’ve never been a stranger to the running world.  However, training for and completing the Boston Marathon in 2009 put my respect for runners on a whole other level.  MAD RESPECT doesn’t quite capture it, but it will have to do.

If you’re running on Monday, I’m definitely cheering for you.  I even plan to give out an “trophy.”  Post your race number here, via Facebook, Twitter, or find me at the Expo (Yoga for Runners, 5 PM on Friday and Saturday), and the top male and female Boston Marathon finishers, among readers, will receive a healthy gift and our first annual trophy.


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