The Peanut Allergy Epidemic is a MAN-MADE EPIDEMIC caused by vaccinations!


In 2002, 1 in 125 young children had peanut allergy in the US.  2008 one in every 17 children under the age of 3 has food allergy.

Just recently a new book hit the market: The History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemicby Heather Frazier. Heather is a parent of a child with the fatal peanut allergy. In her own words:

"...when we arrived at the ER and I announced that my son had eaten peanut butter I could not fathom the response of the nurses. They leapt across desks, caps flying, yelling, wheeling, snatching up the boy, jabbing his little arm with needles, stabbing an IV into the back of his hand. Screaming now with fear and confusion, he was strapped down so he couldn’t move, pumped with drugs, hooked to monitors and drips. I stood behind the team of four or six or there might have been 10 doctors and nurses, whatever the exact number it seemed totally out of proportion to my announcement that we had just eaten peanut butter. How could a food I had eaten for years cause such a reaction?

"...A steady increase of peanut allergic children and concerned parents joined school communities across the province, the country. Lunch bag inspections became common. Any peanut related food, granola bar or sandwich was confiscated and sent home with a cautionary note. Initially, parents insisted that the peanut butter ban had violated their rights. Soon, however, everyone was forced to accommodate this new generation of allergic children. There were just too many of them.

"At this point, at last, I started to think. What was going on? This allergy had developed in hundreds of thousands of children, not just mine – it had grown from an infrequent occurrence in 1990 to 1.5% of the US population, 4.5 million people by 2009. Neither coincidence nor genetic fluke could explain these numbers.

"I started to dig. I wondered if the epidemic had grown from some unfortunate but perfect constellation of conditions and events. And in these circumstances, perhaps I too played a part. My inquiries became the first book on the History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic."

Heather through her research came to the conclusion that peanut oil in vaccines was triggering the epidemic of fatal peanut allergies.

My research came to the same conclusion but I found out even more.

THE MAJORITY OF SERIOUS FOOD ALLERGIES ARE DIRECTLY CAUSED BY VACCINATIONS and most of the rest are caused by other medications such as antibiotics.

Heather has more credentials to put after her name than I do. She is a historian. Me, I'm a grandmother who can read and add 1+1. My credentials are all that you need to determine the cause of food allergies.

I was just curious when I started my research. I found it weird that fatal peanut allergies were becoming a huge problem in the UK. I bought peanut butter by the five pound pail every month or so. How can this wonderful food suddenly be deadly to children?

I found patents on the Internet for vaccine adjuvants and culture mediums that shocked me when I read them. It seems that medicines and vaccines are not subject to laws requiring full disclosure of ingredients. Every food oil known to man can be mixed together and added to vaccines as an ingredient of the adjuvant or as a diluent. And it is a trade secret which means that for any one in the vaccine industry or government cannot reveal this fact to the public.

Culture mediums are also interesting reading. Food waste is used to grow the little buggers up until the last feeding. At that point it is assumed that the bacteria ate all the food protein and a "safe" food is added to the concoction that will not cause problems when injected into babies.

I found proof that injecting food protein into animals causes fatal food allergies. That fact has been known since 1839!

I found food allergies in all the animals that are getting injected with vaccines. A wild elephant has wheat allergy - it had been vaccinated. Dogs are getting peanut allergies and other food allergies.

I found a ridiculous study done that "proved that Thai children don't get peanut allergies" in spite of peanuts being a large part of their diet. "As stated earlier, it is possible that we dismissed sick young children and those with atopic tendency from our study. However, lack of peanut reaction among young children was observed in the report from Singapore despite relatively common allergy skin reactions to peanuts among Singaporean children". First thing they did was eliminate any child that had a skin reaction from the study.  I searched and found an article from a Singapore newspaper "A worrying trend is revealed by the relatively high prevalence of peanut hypersensitivity, now constituting almost a third of patients presenting for the diagnosis and treatment of food allergy in KK Hospital, Singapore."

I found an article about Israel that said they don't have peanut allergies but peanuts are a significant part of their diet. It's true. The children in Israel don't have peanut allergies unless their parents move to the UK and get vaccinated there. In Israel they are troubled by serious sesame allergies. And, guess what! Sesame oil is used as a diluent in vaccines, too. They get their vaccines from a different manufacturer than we do.

There were just a handful of vaccines around in the late 1800's. The culture medium was milk. The first recorded case of milk allergy was 1901.

1919 a doctor substituted oil for the saline in vaccines. 1920 was the first recorded case of nut allergy.

I was a kid in the 1950's. There were no serious food allergies among my classmates at that time. Nobody had to sit out of the lunchroom as kids do today. There were only a couple of vaccinations that kids got. But today, I was shocked by the number given to babies and children. Over 50 vaccinations by age 12! To get that many vaccines into children they now give them in "combination" shots.

In 1997 1 child in 250 had peanut allergy. 1999 was when they started giving combination vaccines. In 2000 children received 33 vaccines BEFORE they entered school. By 2002 peanut allergy had doubled. 1 child in 125 now has peanut allergy.

2008 1 child in 17 under the age of three has a food allergy.

You may think that the food allergy epidemic doesn't affect you. If it doesn't now, it soon will. I just talked with a friend of mine who works at a correctional facility. One of the inmates has a deadly fish allergy. They can no longer serve fish because even though this inmate is in a closed building over a football field's length away from the kitchen, if they cook fish, he goes into anaphylaxis. I know of a child who lives near Lake Erie who also has a fatal fish allergy. Peanuts are being banned from airline flights and schools because just the SMELL of peanuts is enough to kill these fatally allergic children.

And Monsanto is coming to the rescue with a genetically engineered peanut. Frankenfood to the rescue! But that won't solve the problem. The newly genetically engineered peanut will be used in the vaccines, too. I found genetically altered soybeans listed on a patent. Even if it did solve the peanut allergy problem, what about the sesame allergies, soy allergies, casein allergies, etc.?

How can anyone justify the risk factor of getting diptheria, flu, or mumps with a 1 in 17 chance of getting a serious food allergy?

In 2007  "A 20-year-old female with documented Brazil nut allergy developed urticaria and dyspnea after unprotected intercourse with her boyfriend who had earlier consumed Brazil nuts."

Buy Heather's book. Shove into the face of your physician and ask him why he is injecting peanut oil into your child. Tell everyone you know. Email all your friends.

EACH vaccination on the recommended list for children is worth a BILLION dollars. The only way to combat this GREED is by a grass roots movement of educating each other. I've done my bit. I wrote this for you to read. Now you do something.


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