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Type 2 Diabetes in Middle Age Reduces Lifespan by 6 Years

Researchers from the University of Cambridge, England, revealed in the New England Journal of Medicine after carrying out a major, multinational study, involving over 250 scientists from 25 nations revealed that people who develop type 2 diabetes during middle age have an average lifespan six years shorter than people who developed diabetes earlier in life.

The Data

“Researchers from the Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration gathered data on 820,900 individuals. They were all carefully monitored for approximately one decade. After taking into account major risk factors, such as smoking, age, and sex, they found that patients with diabetes had a higher chance of dying from various forms of cancer, mental illnesses, infections, and diseases of the lungs, kidneys liver and digestive system.”


In most cases, what causes the shorter lifespan is conditions that involve the blood vessels such as strokes and heart attacks. Diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity and high fat levels in the blood are considered a minor threat to the shorter lifespan compared to the heart attack and stroke.



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