New Delicacy -- A Nice Shot of Horse Semen


Well, this story is just awful. There's a new item on the menu at an annual world-famous food festival to be held later this month in New Zealand -- horse semen.

Yes, horse semen.

In the past the Hokitika Wildfoods festival has served up such tasty treats as wild pig gut kebabs with fresh eel slime sauce, wasp larvae ice-cream, and bull penis. But organizers have topped themselves this year with the semen drink.

"Think of it like a milkshake," said racehorse owner and semen supplier Lindsay Kerslake, who obviously has never tasted a milkshake.

Nor has he tasted horse semen, but he's been assured it'll be delicious.

"You often hear from a female perspective that semen has an awful alkaline taste, so we thought we'd better make it more user-friendly" by mixing it with cherry, licorice and other flavors. You can also get a straight shot with no flavoring, washed down with a Red Bull-type drink.

One person who won't be sampling this "milkshake" is the festival's organizer.

"God no, it's definitely not to my taste, but you'll be shocked how many people will go for it," Mike Keenan told The Australian.

Kerslake said the drink has beneficial effects.

"Horses are pure testosterone, you know. They have hardly any cholesterol, so the idea is you knock it back and feel like a stallion yourself, he said. "You'll have as much zizz as a stallion for a week afterwards."

However Kerslake couldn't really back up his claim.

"We're pretty confident tests will explain how and why it makes you feel so good, but that's still being worked on."

So if you happen to be in New Zealand on March 12, drink up. Or not.


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