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Being Pessimistic Could be Bad for Your Health

Are you the one who sees the glass as one-half empty? It is more than what is in that glass that may be changing about you.

Pessimism isn’t beneficial for your health.

What is pessimism? It’s a way that we view the world about us. Every situation has a different point of view. Let’s consider running a race but not finishing 1st. You trained hard but only one-man can win.

How will you view the result? You are able to say that you did your best and will try again next time. A different view would be that you would not have won anyway. The latter is the pessimistic view.

Studies have revealed that pessimism has been associated to a decrease in physical functioning, mental problems, pains and chronic sicknesses. One study at the Mayo clinic followed patients for 30 years.

Those who upheld an optimistic attitude had a lower incidence of medical troubles than those who saw the world in a more pessimistic light.

Pessimism, or a dim view of life, may lead to more than simply negative self-fulfilling prophecies. It may lead to depression. Feelings that nothing will go well for you or that you’re not worth anyone’s time or attention may lead to depressing thoughts. We all recognize that depression may lead to physical anguish, hostility, poor diet, sleep troubles and the like.

This manner of thinking may likewise lead to additional health conditions. While optimists tend to be younger, better educated and gainfully employed, they’re likewise in better health because they care for themselves. High blood pressure, weight gain, high cholesterol and smoking are traits of a pessimistic view.

Heart troubles are likewise common in less than optimistic folks. Studies have demonstrated a lower risk in those with a more brilliant view of life. There might be an explanation for this.

Folks who have a better outlook arrive at better selections in life. Since they believe that they have a right to a bountiful life, they take better care of themselves. They exercise on a regular basis, watch their diet and take preventative measures to ensure their health.

Cynical individuals are less likely to make these selections. According to their thought patterns, it would not make a difference anyhow. So, they might smoke, consume unhealthy foods, live inactive lives and avoid physicians unless they truly need them, which entails a lower rate of preventative care. All of that may lead to heart disease, diabetes, a risk of stroke, obesity and other conditions that adversely bear upon your health.

But, you are able to acquire help. Altering your pessimistic ways might be able to help you increase not just your health but also your life expectancy. Who knew that seeing the glass as one-half full may save your life? Battle unhealthy habits with a new attitude.

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