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Yoga & Meditation: Power of Positive Thinking To Others

It’s a new month and that means a new focus at Jivamukti. This month it’s “The Magical Power of Giving Blessings.” The beautiful essay, written by our beloved co-founder and resident Fairy Goddess Sharon Gannon perfectly communicates the magical alchemy of harnessing positive thinking and sending blessings. When we think of someone, when we say their name in our minds, it is a powerful practice for us and them.  The more we can try to uplift others and create positivity in the world, the closer we are to knocking down the walls of separation between ourselves and others and to experiencing yoga.  Yoga is union; the union of our own mind, body and spirit, and then of our small, individual self with all of creation.

I am you.  You are me.

This is practical and tangible practice for making yourself feel better, like a soothing ointment for the mental ups and downs and the worry of life.  And Sharon gives very practical instructions:

Here is how it works; I call it the “blessing meditation”: Sit comfortably, close your eyes and become aware of your breathing, feeling each time there is breathing in and breathing out. Start with the people you know and love, as it is easier to give blessings to them. Silently say the words, “Blessings to…” as you inhale, and as you exhale say the name of someone. Continue for several minutes, extending your blessings to include your family and friends; then move on to others, such as your past boy or girl friends, neighbors, bosses and co-workers. Make sure to include others with whom you have or in the past have had more difficult relationships.

If you can sit still for a few moments and go within, and make sincere offerings towards the people in your life you will feel the positive effects.  I felt reenergized, grounded and happy after doing this for just a few minutes…


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