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The Lohans: A Case Study in How Not to Parent

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Dr. Michelle Golland: So as we watch the spectacle of Lindsay, Michael and Dina Lohan play out in front of our eyes, I can't help but reflect back on just what a bad job these parents have done -- and continue to do -- in regards to raising their children.

They had a long, bitter separation and divorce, fought over control of Lindsay and her career, crossed more emotional boundaries than I can even count and continue to make a mess for all of us to witness. I must say that Michael Lohan's bringing in of the Sheriff's Department about his daughter's drug problem was resourceful -- but the shame of it is, she didn't have any drugs on her (I assume, because if she had, she would've been arrested). In many ways, I agree with what Dr. Drew said in the press recently: That what it may take for Lindsay to get the help she needs will be a tough judge, as in the case of Robert Downey, Jr.

Michael Lohan's concern for his 16-year-old daughter, Ali, is understandable, given that she is with her sister (who has a history of drug use and is currently on probation for a 2007 DUI incident). The problem with Michael is that his father ticket was torn up long ago by both of his daughters, due to his own emotional and drug-related issues. The fact that he is now engaged to Kate Major -- who once dated Jon Gosselin -- I am sure is just the cherry on the top of the dysfunctional sundae that is Lindsay's family life. By the way, it doesn't help him in earning back any kind of respect or trust from his daughters -- or the public!

Michael and Dina Lohan have, in my opinion, continually tried to pimp out their famous daughter and her problems for their own personal and financial gain. Dina and Ali starring in the reality show on E! in 2008 was a painful reminder of why you should be a mother and not a friend. Ali was just 14 years old -- and this was the height of Lindsay's problem with drugs and alcohol. It was a time when Lindsay really needed a solid family base -- not one lived out in front of cameras.

Michael and Dina went wrong long ago, when they were ending their marriage and decided to divide the family while fueled by anger, revenge and immaturity. Each of them has tried to ride the fame of their daughter and her career, struggling in their own careers to make money that was not attached to Lindsay. This family should cause anyone hoping to ride the wave of their children's fame of to stop in their tracks. Jon and Kate, are you watching? I sure hope so!


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