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Healthy, Tasty Hospital Food May Soon be a Reality

We think of a kitchen as a nice place where you can get snacks and make and enjoy healthy meals. We think of an institution, such as a hospital, as a place to get coffee that resembles brown water, powdered eggs without seasoning, and rubber chicken, all served at room temperature. Well, what if these were merged into a hospital which served tasty food, prepared nutritionally?

How is that for a concept? Availability of healthy food in your basic institutional cafeteria? Apparently there is a doctor in Oakland, CA, who is promoting this to the extent that there is an organic-only farmer's market outside the main entrance to the hospital. The kitchen is beginning to be seen as just as important as the doctor's office in living well. Well, that's pretty darn logical.

We see the return of healthy food everywhere, and now the debate is on the 'Frankenfish'. I find this to be just disgusting, and don't think I'll be eating it anytime soon. I heard on the radio that this project has been underway since 1990, and that all the new Frankenfish contain some of the original 20-year-old fish. And why is the image of a line of out of control robots keep popping into my head???

Well today is farmer's market day and CSA delivery day - by 5pm, there will be an overstock of vegetables in our house.


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