The Hitler Diet: Do You Care What Tyrant Ate?


I honestly don't even know why this is a topic of interest for some, but apparently Rynn Berry, a 54-year-old raw-foodist and "vegetarian historian," wants to set the record straight about Adolf Hitler's eating habits.

"There's absolutely no evidence he was a vegetarian. It simply isn't true."

Again why it even matters is beyond me, but anywho, Berry explains via,

"Mainstream historians have an elastic definition of vegetarianism," he says. "They don't hold Hitler to the same standards as a practicing ethical vegetarian. You can't be a vegetarian and eat liver dumplings."

The Slate article goes more into depth about Berry's quest to learn more about Hitler's diet. 

Berry had a book released in 1990 called Famous Vegetarians and Their Favorite Recipes, which includes Leonardo di Vinci's love for fried figs and beans; George Bernard Shaw's favorite, brussels sprouts casserole; and Plutarch's classic, asparagus with tahini.


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