The Great Scam that is Modern Medicine


Lets face it, you can't turn on the TV without seeing some advertisement about Big Pharma's new miracle drug: be it for blood pressure, cholesterol, or even depression. To a degree they are fair advertisements, but what they aren't telling you is this: those side effects they name, are 100%, completely, and totally INTENTIONAL. 

If it's one thing I've learned, no matter what field you go into, you do work, ultimately, for money. That's true whether you're a mathematician (like me), a lawyer, or a doctor. Nothing wrong with money being the primary motivator for work, but what happens when greed spirals out of control? You get the corruption that faces industries like modern medicine. 

So, why are side-effects intentional? The answer: greed. And it's not just one party. Big Pharma, the FDA, and physicians are all in on it. Did you know the FDA has come out and said only a drug can treat, prevent, or cure disease? Isn't that something. Wow, I didn't know they had come out with true anti-virals yet. I didn't know that herbs and such that have been used for centuries to treat symptoms of various ailments were all making us sicker. That's all news to me. 

There's a lot of price-gouging and bribery going on in the medical world. But let's face it, the medical industry doesn't make money by curing people. It makes money by selling drugs and treatments. If we were all healthy, they'd be out of business faster than you could ever imagine possible. When in reality, there's nothing they can cure or prevent that I can't, and I absolutely refuse to use any of their products or treatments for whatever reason. Actually, in reality, pharmaceuticals are actually designed to make you sick and keep you sick, not make you well. 

Pharmaceutical companies offer physicians incentives to prescribe solely their products, and bonuses and cash rewards that get larger the more they prescribe. The FDA too quickly approves drugs (and has approved countless unsafe drugs, then again no drug is truly safe), because they have a financial interest in them as well. Of all the industries that succumb to this corporate greed, modern medicine tops the list. It's all about the money, honey. Hate to break it to you. 

So what can you do that will truly make you healthy? There are natural remedies for virtually everything out there. Just do some research. Natural remedies that actually make you feel better, and make you healthier. Furthermore, give your nutritional habits a good looking over. Over 90% of disease can be completely avoided with a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise. 

The bottom line is that I don't use pharmaceuticals anymore, and I'm healthier and happier than I've ever been in my life. It's your lifestyle that makes you sick, not anything else really. You need pharmaceuticals like you need a sharp stick in the eye. 

Take charge of your health, the natural way, and fire your doctor and pharmaceuticals today. 


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