The Future Princess - Kate Middleton her Tiny Body Stirring up Questions and Rumors


As Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding day approaches, a lot of pictures of a very tiny Kate have surfaced. Along with the question, does she have an eating disorder? Will she follow in the footsteps of beloved Princess Diana? It is no secret Prince Williams mother suffered from bulimia.

The Rumors

The rumors as you can imagine are very imaginative - Kate has anorexia, she has been starving herself for the wedding, she is so stressed to please the Queen she cannot eat etc… In fact, all of these are nothing more than rumors.

The Truth

Yes, Miss. Middleton has lost a few pounds just as every bride does due to the excitement and stress of planning a wedding. Now, put yourself in her shoes she is not just having a wedding she is having the biggest if not bigger than the infamous wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Experts agree that is enough to make any woman shed a few pounds and when the woman is already thin (and healthy); it can be taken the wrong way.


To answer the question everyone seems to want an answer to no Miss. Middleton does not nor has she ever had an eating disorder according to her family and her future royal family.



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