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The Effective Religious Approach to Dieting!

A diet in which you don't have to exercise and can eat whatever you want? Sounds like a scam, right? Wrong! A diet which started a few decades ago is still on the rise. The founder, Gwen Shamblin, appeals to mostly Christians who seek weightloss.

She teaches her viewers how to embrace their relationship with God in order to find the strength to succeed in this diet. The diet may involve bible research or payer, whatever appeals to the viewer most.

The Guidelines: 1) Only eat when your body feels truly hungry. 2) Eat small portions or cut your portions in half (your stomach should be the size of your fist). 3) Eat whatever you want. The key is moderation.

Shamblin encourages seeking God for help when food is tempting and urges us to stop overindulging in food because we are sad, stressed, or bored. Because we will never find satisfaction in the things we eat.

The number of her success stories seem to be endless. Her website has a special tab for testimonies of those who lost over 100 lbs. One couple even lost 500 lbs together.

Shamblin's organization offers books, videos, classes, a website and more. (

Could it really be true? A diet in which you can eat anything and be lazy if you want. It's all about moderation and a relationship with God. The success stories are piling up and I'm sure this diet will become and epidemic on the religious scene!


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