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The Case for Later Genetic Testing

As we all know, Autism Speaks is an organization that advocates for Autism Awareness, and works toward a cure. As they are having issues finding the latter, they have decided to work for early intervention. Early intervention isn't wholly a dangerous thing, though one worries about crushing the developing spirit. What one really needs to worry about is prenatal testing that happens too early.

The normal test for genetic abnormalities is the amniocentesis. It isn't really all that viable. You usually have to wait 'till weeks 15-20 to do this. There's a miscarriage risk. However, a blood test can be done on just the mother to see if a baby has Down Syndrome. It could be used for Autism quite easily, if we knew all the genes involved.

This would be where Autism Speaks comes in. They have a site and a way of studying Autistic genes. They have a site called "The Autism Genetic Resource Exchange (AGRE)". This is a gene bank of info made available to worldwide autism researchers. They can use this to figure out the genes that go into Autism.

Now an Amniocentesis happens only a few short weeks before abortion typically ceases to be legal, at the age of viability. However, with the mother's blood test, it can happen even earlier, making abortion that much easier for prospective mothers of Autistics.

Now, if the motive for testing is so that mothers can get early intervention for their special needs child, from the day of their birth, the test itself could be put off until after the legal age of viability. I want to see genetic testing for developmental disorders be made illegal until after the age of viability. That way, the early intervention can happen as described, but no baby will be lost because of their difference.

All I'm asking for is a little time so that my desires can be made law. DON'T let Autism Speaks use your money to get prenatal Autistics killed before they can LEARN to speak.


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