'The Biggest Loser' Question: Should Cops have Weight Limits?

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You know how we’re always watching and Tweeting live during The Biggest Loser? Well, this season there are two contestants who we kinda/sorta love (well, before they did this): Dan and Don. Dan and Don are twins.

They also share the same profession: They work as police officers. And this is where the reader question comes in, at what point is weight not just about your health and vanity, but also about your profession and how well you can do it?

I know this is a touchy subject and in no way would I ever want to take rights away from someone because of their weight, but the reader asked if there should there be a weight limit or a physical to pass each year for those in more physical civil service jobs, such as law enforcement and fire fighters.

Now, I know that the military requires a physical fitness test, as do many fire and police departments, but according to my sources, it’s kind of left up to each city to decide what they require. Not to mention that different jobs mean different qualifications and, obviously, expectations.

But. The reader has a point, in two ways:

“These people put their lives on the line every day for our safety, and a high number of them are unfit and overweight. Shouldn’t we give back by asking that they get help staying healthy, so they can protect us?”

So, now, we put the question to you.


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