TV Show "The Big C" Flippant, Unrealistic


So, in its infinite wisdom, Showtime has introduced a new show - "The Big C". It's a comedy. It has a love interest for the woman who is receiving treatment. What the hell were they thinking?

Let's start with the beginning. Thank you for reintroducing the euphemism that we have spent generations trying to erase. The Big C was a death sentence. It had no cure. It was whispered by adults, so children or anyone nearby wouldn't hear. It was an embarrassment to have a family member with cancer. It was hidden. They called it the big C so they didn't have to say the word. But now, Showtime has brought it back into everyday language. For this we thank them?

Next, it's a comedy. They are trying to find humor in the main character's situation. Granted, life goes on, and life does contain its humorous moments. You do best while in treatment if you can keep your sense of humor. But it's not a funny situation. Losing your hair. Feeling like crap. Having no energy. Nausea. It's not exactly a high point in one's life. If someone going through treatment can see humor in their life, that's fine. But its not a situation for a comedy.

Finally, a love interest for a cancer patient? Who's married? Not happening. You are losing your hair. You are trying not to lose your lunch. YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE FLIRTING.

Yes, people as a whole are much more open about cancer than in the past. It is openly talked about by many. But it is not funny, in any way, shape or form.

I should point out that after cancer treatment, many find it too painful to read about others with cancer in books. It took me along time to be able to read a fiction book with a character with cancer. If a new book or movie comes out where a character has cancer, it is discussed in support groups and among cancer friends - should I see it, will I be able to cope? Why would I want to watch someone else going through cancer?

I admit I watched and enjoyed "The Bucket List" but I watched it after hearing from many friends about it. And it was a comedy. But both main characters were very believable. They may have done a lot but they both were dying and they knew it. They didn't have a 'romantic' interest. They knew the clock was ticking. We were laughing with them. They called it cancer. It wasn't the big 'C'.

I won't be subscribing to Showtime anytime soon. Thanks but no thanks.


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