The Best Bag Ever? We Think So. And We’re Giving Three Away!

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Confession: I have about four gym bags. And although they all function well, they don’t function perfectly. Either they have so many compartments or zippers that I lose stuff (or I lose track of what I “organized”where) or my dirty shoes and post-workout snacks get co-mingled with my regular clothes, leaving dust or crumbs on them and making me look a bit like a crazy person. I long thought that this problem was really my own fault. I mean seriously, how hard is it clean out your bag every once in awhile and make sure that your protein bars don’t get smashed to oblivion? But turns out, I’ve just been using the wrong bag! ‘Cause the Live Well 360 Core bag is perfection! With a separate place to stash your shoes and enough zippers to keep things organized without becoming a maze, along with a thick, comfortable adjustable strap and a très chic metro look, this bag is the best the fitness world has to offer. Hands down.

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And the best news of all (because I know you all were losing sleep over my gym-bag woes)? Live Well 360 is generously giving away THREE bags to lucky U.S. FBG readers for our three-year birthday celebration. All you have to do is comment with what you’d stash in your bag if you won. (Although we encourage you to follow them on Twitter and Facebook, too!) That’s it! Then we’ll select three random comments to win next week.

These puppies retail for $129, and will seriously change your fitness life. So get to commenting! —Jenn


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