The Benefits Of Being Childfree


I pretty much always knew I didn't want children. From a very early age, I realized that I not only had no desire to have children, but outright did not want to have children. I'm pretty anti-social overall, and kids always just drove me batty. So I did something about it. After two years of struggling to find a doctor who would do it on someone my age, I finally took the plunge and had myself vasectomized at age 23. No kids, and no regrets. 

Parents (or should I say breeders) love to talk about how great it is to have kids, how much of a blessing they are, and how they are their lives, and the list goes on and on. Yeah, enjoy the honeymoon now, because as your kids get older, that'll be over, and I would be willing to bet money on the fact that you ever regret having children in the first place. I know a lot of parents who do. 

So anyway, enough about that. What are the benefits of being childfree? There are many, but I'll look at the ones that are most appilcable to me. 

*I'll have more time to focus on my career. As an airline pilot in training, my career will find me being away from home three to four days per week every week. That will make it hard to maintain a relationship/marriage, much less a bunch of kids! Without kids distracting me, I can do the thing I love to do above all other things: fly airplanes. No having to devote time to kids who just can't entertain themselves and are always nagging you to make them dinner or whatever. My career trumps every other person on the earth in terms of importance to me. 

*I'll have more time to do the things I love to do, without having to give them up to watch the kids. Things like Lindy Hop, guitar, golf, writing, etc. Having children would require me to give up time from these things to tend to them. That's just not something I'm willing to do! Why should I sacrifice the things I like, and essentially sacrifice my life, for little human beings? Sorry, I'm not going there. 

*I'll be more financially stable. Do you have any idea how much it costs to raise a kid? Well, I know for different places it's different, but the last I heard it's well over $100K USD. Just think of how much more money you'd have if you didn't have kids (and especially the really big families). The tax deductions US parents get are nothing in comparison to the cost of raising a child. My monetary policy is simple: my money is for my use only. Period. I only spend money on me, or put it away for later. 

*No dealing with attitudes, discipline issues, dirty diapers, etc.. I think these speak for themselves. I shouldn't have to explain. 

Of course, the list goes on and on, but those are just a few of the benefits of being childfree. For women, another huge benefit is that you don't have to experience labor pain! Heck, I'm even glad I don't have to deal with monthly cramps much less labor pain! That just sounds completely and totally miserable! 

Now, I'm not necessarily putting down the choice to have children. I think it's a personal choice to be made by each individual. However, as much as parenting is made out to be glamorous, nobody realizes that in reality it's a pretty crappy job, and whether it's worth throwing 18 or more years of your life and so much of your hard earned money away, is up to the individual. Alas, for me, the choice is clear: childfree is the way to be. 


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