The Positive Side of Having a Few Pounds to Lose

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I gained 35 pounds with pregnancy. It would  have easily been 40 or 45, except that I missed out on that last month of pregnancy. Now that the baby is here, the long-term goal is to get back to that magical pre-baby weight. I say “long-term goal” because now that I’ve been able to slip into all of my jeans, I’m not super concerned about the remaining 10 pounds I have to lose.

The main reason I’m interested in getting the last few pounds off is for my overall health. Extra fat in the midsection puts a strain on the heart and other vital organs, so it’s essential for my long-term health that I trim it down. So, while I’m seeing the pounds melt away ever so slowly, I’m enjoying the benefits I’ve found in actually having that extra something-something on my body. Here’s what I’m loving about my extra cushion! 

The Upside to Extra Pregnancy Poundage

She’s got legs. I’ve always had a little junk in the trunk. But my legs have always been twiggy little bird legs. No matter how many calf raises I do, they just don’t gain much definition or mass. During pregnancy, some of my overall weight gain landed in my calves—finally! I remember throwing on my tennis shoes one day, thinking, “Damn! My legs look good!” When my husband commented on it as well, I knew it wasn’t my imagination. So for now, I’m enjoying my new legs, even if I know their days are numbered.

Me? Cleavage? I’ve never been well endowed in the boobular region. Sure, there have been a fair number of days when I’ve wished for more curves, but my “endowment” (or lack thereof) has always seemed to fit my smaller frame. However, pregnancy and breastfeeding gave my upper body a life of its own. I may not appear to be Pamela Anderson to most, but compared to my previous self, well, va-va-va voom! I’m enjoying the boobage I have for the moment, even if I have a baby attached to said boobage most of the time.

My own personal furnace. My whole life, I’ve been freezing. I wake up cold even in the summer. I wear layers upon layers in the winter. My hands are always icy. But fall has moved in, along with much cooler temperatures, and I’m not freezing! We have our thermostat set at 65 degrees, and I’m okay with it! Before, 75 wasn’t warm enough. It’s like an alien has taken over my body. And I love this alien.

Do you have some bonus cushion? What are some of the positives of your few extra pounds? —Erin


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