Truck Driver Finds Baby Sitting in Road at Midnight


Michelle Kemper Brownlow: We all have the fear that our baby will crawl their way to unsafe places. Well, you'll never believe this story!

It was the shock of a lifetime when San Antonio bus driver, Mike Hubbard, slammed on the brakes of his bus on a dark side street just after midnight to avoid something in the middle of the road. That "something" was one-year-old Destiny Flores, dressed only in a diaper and sitting comfortably on the double yellow line.

"From a distance, I can't tell exactly what it is," Hubbard says. "It looks like a dog, something moving around -- I can't really tell what it was. I started slowing down and then I noticed it was a baby in the middle of the street." Hubbard's dashboard camera caught amazing video of that night. The video also shows Hubbard approaching the baby and a man entering the scene, grabbing the baby and running back toward the sidewalk. Hubbard reports the man ran into a house and had not been outside when the bus stopped.

This incident occurred over a year ago, but the video surfaced when Child Protective Services became involved in what is believed to be another incident involving all the Flores children; there are three daughters.

Catherine Gonzalez, 25, was tearful in a TODAY show interview via satellite. "People just don't realize these things happen. It was just an accident," she sobbed.

I do have to say that this scenario could play out in any home on any street. How many of us have woken up to find our child has climbed out of the crib for the first time? What if, instead of waking you up, your child crawled out the screen door just like Destiny?

I am sure there will be more attention given to the Gonzalez-Flores case, and my hope is the children in this case remain safe, no matter where or with whom they are ruled to live.


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