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The Important of 'Awareness of Words' in Yoga

The practice of Yoga teaches or instills within us the meaning of 'Awareness'. Be it in our thought, performance, practice or even the way we eat. I personally believe that what we say and how we say or speak to others is a practice of yoga..........

Words are made up of many letters or few but can mean the same thing. Words have an origination and comes in many languages. Put together words can be funny, musical, inspiring, boring, lectures and hateful. The list is endless and can carry a variety of feelings and meanings.

Words are made up of individual letters. When put together they can create such beautiful stories. They can build or destroy a person's inner strength. Words can show the journey we are on or about to embark on. Can you just imagine the creators of these simple letters. Did they realize the power it would have in today's world?

Letters are their gifts to me and it is up to me to use them in a manner that would not shatter the dignity of others or myself. Every letter that I put together has the power to open my mind further and allows me to dig deeper into its meaning. Every word can inspire or dishearten the journey of another or mine. They can give me strength or take it away.

I am still trying to understand those who shorten words that are already short from see you to cu or got to go / gtg! To me it is without beauty or feeling. It is without warmth or sincerity. The value words carry when used in its full capacity is brilliant and profound.

My life is filled with words. To the point where I have taken these precious gifts for granted. I think words, I speak words, I write words and of course I eat words! but am I aware of what words I am using? I feel that we have taken the use of words to such an extent that the actual meaning of what is trying to be conveyed is lost. It is my personal thought that sometimes bigger words do not have the same impact like the simpler words.

If only I would pause for a moment and observe the words I have used... someone out there is hurting because of my words, someone's dream has come to a halt because of my words. How many people have I hurt along the way because of my words. In fact how many times have I put myself down with those same words spoken by me!

My words have the power to brighten or darken another's path. To bring a smile on another by words I have chosen with awareness and meaning is not easy but when done is purely magical.


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