The Autism Community Needs to Learn a Lesson


As is accepted by most rational people, autism is a largely genetic
difference, albeit with a likely environmental component. Over the last
10 years or so a seemingly increasingly irrational desire to blame
vaccines for causing autism has been coupled with a similarly
irrational ‘cure at all cost’ mentality. The subsequent parent driven
engine has resulted in autistickids being exposed to shysters, snake
oil salesman and out and out quacks selling their own version on
dangerous exploitation.

However, in a revealing picture of
what the ‘cure at all cost’ mentality might be doing not only to
autistic people but to the human race in general we could do no worse
than to look at recent discoveries in another genetic based difference – Down Syndrome:

gene that’s present in the extra chromosome people with Down syndrome
protects this population from getting many types of cancers, according
to a study published in the journal Nature Wednesday.


answer lies in a gene called Dscr1, which is one of the genes present
in Down syndrome causing chromosome 21. Since people with Down syndrome
have an extra copy of this chromosome, they also have an extra copy of
Dscr1. Researchers studied the gene in mice with human cells and found
that it limits the growth of blood vessels that tumors feed on.

the years that people with Down Syndrome have taken abuse, been put
down and – most ironically of all – had pre-natal testing performed
that has resulted in a drop of Down’s babies. And now it seems they
might hold the key to destroying at least some forms of cancer. Imagine
if we only found that out after the last Down’s adult had died?

Imagine what we might find out if we start looking at research that works with autistic people. Imagine what we might lose if we decide to plow ahead with a ‘cure at all cost’ mentality.


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