Could New "Relaxing" Soda Combat Anxiety?


It’s all natural and delivers euphoric relaxation.

At least that’s what the makers of Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda (MJR) claim on their website.

According to the California-based maker of MJR they use nothing but the good stuff to make their product, actually the ingredients sound like an anti-anxiety concoction from heaven.

The mix relies mostly on two well-known anti-anxiety herbs to create its desired effect.  Here’s a quick look at what’s inside.

  • *Passion flower extract
  • *Kava extract (Awa root)
  • *Lightly carbonated water
  • *Cane Sugar

Is it worth trying?

The company says that their drink, they’ve been told, has effects similar to alcohol or marijuana minus the negative side-effects.

From what I gather this stuff also isn’t very cheap, but then again, if it does even half of what they claim perhaps it’s worth the money!

I’ve never had it but I do plan to make a run to my local Bevmo to at least try it out. So you must be wondering, where can you find some MJR? On their company website they have a locator that allows you to punch in your zip code to find the nearest store with MJR in stock.

I’m going to try this stuff out and get back to you with a report. I’ll be honest I am a bit skeptical, but if I do get relaxed after throwing one back I’ll let you know pronto.

See for more information.

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