The 5 stages


Friends, Food and Good conversation is a recipe for a wonderful evening. I had not had an evening like this in a very long time. The conversations were light, heavy, fun but filled with true honesty and from the heart. Conversations that made you stop and think what it meant to your inner spirit.

Our conversation began with yoga and ended up on a very serious topic. A subject that you will not spend more than 5 minutes on it or will avoid making it a dinner table conversation. Not this group of friends. It felt natural and comfortable to stay with this subject.

'The 5 stages of Death' Beginning with Anger, Denial, Bargain, Acceptance and lastly Letting Go. The conversation revolved around the meaning of each of these stages and if any one of us has seen these stages with a loved one. Listening to each of them give their points was a further insight into their spirit. It enhanced the connection among friends.

With food surrounding us the conversation took an interesting twist. Thanks to Bob's philosophical mind we began to dig deeper and found that there was a relationship between the body/ food issues we face with the '5 Stages of Death'.

Anger: Towards the self because we do not like the way our body is shaped. Not tall enough or we are not the right body weight. Our features are not perfect and so on. So we eat to cover this anger.

Denial: Not willing to accept the body or features we were born with. We indulge in food to cover this strong emotion. We think that by covering or changing our eating habits or features we will be just like everyone else.

Bargain: This is where we begin to try out the various diets and become yoyo dieters or make decisions on what to give up from our food chain or what to replace it with. We tend to remain stagnant in this stage because we have so much out there to bargain with. We never seem to be happy or content in this stage. It becomes a continuos battle between food and body issues.

Acceptance: After finally breaking down we begin to accept the way we look. Beginning to understand the meaning of food and its nutritious value. Eating healthy and exercising for the right reasons. Working  for the self as oppose to against the self.

Letting Go: The way I can express this stage is more like a balance or peaceful state of mind that you are    more aware and connected with what you put into your body.

Some of you may see it this way and some may not. This was just our conversation and our  thoughts. We found it intriguing, interesting and saw similarities between Death and Food.


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