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The 25 Best Workout Songs Ever

This playlist has been a long time coming. Why? Because WE LOVE MUSIC! And we especially love to jam to tunes when we work out (guilty pleasures, anyone?). So we have—with your awesome help on Twitter—picked the top 25 workout songs of all time. (Gosh knows, we needed your help. Otherwise the list would have consisted of only Gwen Stefani, Madonna and Britney Spears!) Oh, and note that the list is in no particular order, although No. 1 really is the best!

Top 25 Workout Songs EVER

  1. Fat Bottomed Girls, Queen: Like you expected anything else, right? Submitted by @FitBottomedGirl (Also known as FBG Jenn).
  2. Hey Ya!, OutKast: Always makes us want to move. Submitted by @FitBottomedMama (Also known as FBG Erin).
  3. Fergalicous, Fergie: We can spell! And work out! Submitted by @luvandkiwi (Also known as FBG Tish).
  4. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), C+C Music Factory: Sweat, ya’ll! Submitted by @kgseymour (Also known as FBG Kristen).
  5. Vertigo, U2: We dare you to sit still. Submitted by @MotionTraxx.
  6. Lose my Breath, Destiny’s Child: Come on. Get out of breath from moving and grooving! Submitted by @inspired_bylove.
  7. I Gotta Feeling, Black Eyed Peas: We hadda feeling this was going to make the top 25. Submitted by @jodidanziger.
  8. Stronger, Kayne West: He may not be the most PC fella on the block, but he sure does pump out good workout tunes. Submitted by @DubyaWife.
  9. Wind it Up, Gwen Stefani: Of course, Gwenie is on the list. Submitted by @keepitupdavid.
  10. Three, Britney Spears: May we suggest three-minute intervals for this one? Submitted by @CelestialAxis.
  11. Push It, Salt-N-Pepa: Do what they say—push it! Submitted by @cbroyhill.
  12. Brick House, The Commodores: Dancing is a full-on workout with this song. Submitted by @JeanneMallory.
  13. Let’s Get Loud, J.Lo: Get loud, get moving, just get! Submitted by @rmabraham.
  14. The Power, Snap!: You do have the power. So do it! Submitted by @HollieSelf.
  15. Bust a Move, Young MC: The best workout advice ever: When in doubt, bust a move. Submitted by @FitSugar.
  16. Tik Tok, Ke$ha: You heard her, don’t stop. Submitted by @ONeener.
  17. Dirty, Christina Aguilera: Get down and dirty in your workout! Submitted by @BellaDolce5.
  18. Motivation, T.I.: Get motivated, yo. Submitted by @DailyVenusDiva.
  19. Ray of Light, Madonna: You are that ray of light! Submitted by @BrittanydietteA.
  20. Don’t Stop Believing, Journey: Like this song wasn’t going to make the list…It’s a must! Submitted by @misschoclatrain.
  21. Baby Got Back, Sir Mix-A-Lot: Another one that made the list for obvious bottomed reasons. Submitted by @ValerieNeal.
  22. Walking on Sunshine, Katrina & the Waves: Perfect for a power walk in the sun! Submitted by @TheBLblog.
  23. Good Vibrations, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Yeah baby. We’re feeling it. Submitted by @FabulousSavings.
  24. Smooth Criminal, Alien Ant Farm’s cover of Michael Jackson: We love MJ’s version, but this one is just too fun to not move to. Submitted by @teramc.
  25. Call on Me, Eric Prydz: Every workout is like a rave.  Submitted by @Bentfsh2.

Now I know there like 8 million songs that you love (and we probably do, too) that are not on this list (like more MJ, Prince and Lady GaGa for starters), so tell us: What’s your favorite song to workout to? —Jenn


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