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Review: The 10 Best Dance Workout DVDs

We’ve just been workout-DVD nutters this week. In case you’ve forgotten, it’s New Year, New Rear week on FBG, which means we’re giving you all the tips, tools and tricks to get you to your best self in the New Year. And today’s post does that just: Separates the best dance DVDs from the “eh” and “meh” ones. Read on for the top 10 dance workout DVDs we’ve ever reviewed!

10 Best Dance Workout DVDs

1. So You Think You Can Dance’s Get Fit Series: Tone and Groove: Hands down, our all-time favorite dance DVD. I love it when a DVD lives up to its dance potential!

2. Billy Blanks Jr.’s Dance With Me Groove & Burn: With a variety of dance styles and fun tunes, you’ll shake your groove thing with Billy Blanks Jr. in this dance DVD and burn some calories.

3. Paula Abdul’s Get Up and Dance!: Nope, this one is for real. We really, really like this retro dance DVD. And Paula is way coherent in it!

4. Dance with Julianne: Cardio Ballroom:This Dancing With the Stars instructor hits it out of the park with this dance DVD that’s good for seasoned beginners and newbies! And you thought ballroom dancing was boring…

5. Cheryl Burke Presents Disco Abs: This fun and funky disco-music dance-athon DVD is a complete blast and will get your heart rate up. And, yes, you do the YMCA in it. Do we need to say more?

6. Stomperobics, Version One: The Nutkracker: One of the most unique workout DVDs we’ve ever reviewed, this dance DVD is based on the college fraternity and sorority dance tradition of stepping/stomping. Despite the poor production quality, this is a must-try for any dance workout aficionado.

7. Pure Barre Pershing Square: If ballet is your exercise of choice, consider this your perfect dance workout DVD.

8. Tribal Energy Cardio: This hour-long video adapts Western African dance movements into a total-body workout that is fun and makes you feel good. Feeling good is, of course, the best marker of any workout DVD, we say!

9. Hemalayaa’s The Bollywood Dance Workout: Almost an hour of Bollywood-style movements infused with hip-hop, belly-dance, Indian, classical and Bhangra dance moves had us sweating and loving this workout DVD. Don’t be surprised if it also happily makes you want to dress like a belly dancer.

10. Dancing With the Stars: Ballroom Buns & Abs: Choreographed by one of our fave guys, this DWTS workout DVD is better suited to someone with a little dance experience, but it’s a total blast. By running you through the Argentine Tango and the Paso Doble, you’ll be kicking up your heels in no time!

Gosh, I want to go out dancing now…time to pop in a DVD! —Jenn


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