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Thank Congress, it Took 'Courage' to Pass Health Care Bill

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Last night, 220 members of Congress showed they’re on the side of working families, not big insurance companies. They’ve earned our thanks for keeping their promises and passing landmark health care reform.

Our friends at Health Care for America Now (HCAN) have set up an easy tool where you can contact your member of Congress and thank him or her for voting “Yes” on H.R. 3962. We demanded this change with our votes and our voices, and House members stepped up to make it a reality.

H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act, is the right way to cover more people and make the nation’s health care system work better for everyone. It includes a public health insurance option, provides assistance for middle-class families to get health care coverage and sets tough new rules for insurers, making sure no one can be denied care or be rejected from coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

Health care reform will be paid for by a combination of employer responsibility, cost savings and a surtax on the extremely wealthy. It does not tax middle-class workersbenefits.

It took real courage to stand up to the disinformation and big bankrolls of the insurance companies, and [x] members of the House showed that courage, voting to help millions of people get the affordable health coverage they deserve. They need to hear from you, so let them know they did the right thing.


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