Texas Toddler Killed When 4-Year-Old Brother Runs Her Over With Truck


A 16-month-old Texas girl has died after her 4-year-old brother accidentally ran her over with a pickup truck in the family’s driveway. According to reports, the children’s father was getting ready to leave in the truck and the young boy knew where the keys were located. The boy got in the truck and started it.

Apparently there was a defect with the truck that allowed it to be started while it was in first gear. As a result, the truck rolled forward and killed the young girl.  

The father ran outside as soon as he heard the truck engine start and unfortunately had to witness the vehicle running over his daughter. He was unable to come to her rescue.

The names of the people involved in the incident have not been released, The Daily Mail reported.

It also is not clear if charges will be brought against the parents and the investigation into the horrific accident is still in progress.

Sources: The Daily Mail, My FoxDFW


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