Texas Students Discover Bugs In Broccoli Served During Lunch


Texas parents were outraged after they reportedly discovered something sickening in their children’s school lunches.

Students at Caney Creek High School in Conroe, Texas, were shocked when they bit into their broccoli on Monday and found that it was infested with bugs.

“It was kind of strange and gross that we had actually seen it and that it happened to us,” Falyn Evans, a student, said.

Evans was sitting with a friend in the cafeteria when she went to take a bite out of her broccoli. When she noticed it was loaded with bugs, she was astounded.

“There’s no way they could’ve missed, picking up a handful of broccoli like they do with their gloves on, and not seen these ginormous bugs,” Melissa, Falyn’s mother, said.

School administrators later sent out an email acknowledging that they were aware of the bug problem and were taking it “very seriously.” However, the response wasn’t good enough for Mrs. Evans, who noted that her daughter will no longer be eating school lunch and instead will be packing her lunch.

Inspectors were sent to the school on Tuesday and found that the bugs had only infested the broccoli. The batch was disposed of following the inspection.

News of the infestation follows a growing discussion on the quality of public school lunches. It has become increasingly popular to compare pictures of school lunches to prison lunches for their similarities. According to USA Today, standards for fast-food meat are actually higher than those for school lunches. 

Sources: Mad World News, USA Today / Photo Credit: Mad World News


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