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Texas State Board of Education Wants 'Another Side to the Theory of Evolution' Taught (Video)

Barbara Cargill, who chairs the Texas State Board of Education, is upset that the CSCOPE curriculum, used by several Texas schools, doesn’t teach students “another side to the theory of evolution,” reports

While speaking at the Texas Senate Committee on Education on January 31, Cargill said: "Our intent, as far as theories with the [curriculum standards], was to teach all sides of scientific explanations…"

"But when I went on [to the CSCOPE website] last night, I couldn’t see anything that might be seen as another side to the theory of evolution. Every link, every lesson, everything, you know, was taught as ‘this is how the origin of life happened, this is what the fossil record proves,’ and all that’s fine, but that’s only one side."



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